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Meeting an extraordinary man

I am at the Medical Missions Conference in Louisville, Ky.- one the largest in the country. It is a little overwhelming with 150 vendors and thousands of participates. Partners for Care is sharing a vendor space with MedShare. We shared a vendor space at the Emory Conference, also. It is always a blessing to be with MedShare as we support what they do in the world to help improve healthcare in developing nations. MedShare bridges surplus medical equipment with need by sending hundreds of containers worth millions of dollars to equip medical clinics and hospital in developing countries.

One of the speakers at the conference is Steve Saint, the son of Nate Saint one of the five missionaries murdered by the Waodani. The story is told in the movie End of the Spear. The story is one of incredible forgiveness and healing.

I have been blessed to meet and spend time with Steve. We share a belief in the way missions can be done in the world that respects and honors those we go to serve. I had given Steve one of our what if? bracelets when we were talking. To my surprise when he spoke the next day he told the audience about his bracelet…and he asked them. what if? we served as God served?

Connie in interview with Steve Saint

And, I would add what if? we could all live in a spirit of humble service and forgiveness like Steve Saint, Elizabeth Elliot and Steve’s Aunt Rachael? what if?

Blessed to meet a true servant of God,

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