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Message from Cris to her friends/supporters

This is the message Cris who is here with her 18 year daughter Kacey wrote her friends and supporter. She titled it “Saving baby Yewlanda”.

Dear friends and supporters,

We have been very busy and very blessed since we last sent an email. So much has happened and we cannot wait to be able to share it all with you. We have truly come to the end of the earth and we have seen and met the most wonderful people. Today was the best day and the worst day rolled into one. It was our third day of medical mission camps so we figured we knew what to expect, but boy was it different. The children were sicker and so much more in need. We saw over 240 people and many of them were children with parasites (jiggers) in their hands and feet. And it was the dirtiest day yet, the wind blows the dirt so much you just get caked in dirt. It was overwhelming. Kacey got the best graduation present of all today. She fell in love with Yewlanda a little 3 year old girl who is severely malnourished.

Bringing her from the village

Treating baby Yewlanda for jiggers

Because of your genorosity we were able to fund this trip to bring doctors to these little villages where people are suffering so much. So I want you to know you all helped to save a special life today. We transported her to the hospital today. We admitted her there and went to buy what she and her caregiver would need. She only weighs about 14 pounds but she is so beautiful.

Kacey with baby Yewlanda

Baby Yewlanda at the hospital

Please pray for her and her family. The doctors with us say she would not have survived much longer. There are 4 other children in that hut and they did not seem much better off, but she was the worst we found today. I could not hold back the tears today. Kacey and I cried more today than the others combined. This has been an amazing trip so far and we are only half way through. Kacey has not complained once and we have had some tough living conditions plus she has been peed on and pooped on. She is amazing. I wish you could have all seen her today with that baby, she was amazing.

Kacey with baby Yewlanda at the hospital

 We have one more full day in Marsabit with a what if? Event and then we take the long bus ride back to Nairobi. We have a full week planned after that. We will send another update in a few days. Thank you again for your generous donations that provided the medicine for these camps and the soccer supplied for the kids and the books for the leadership team here. I cannot wait to get home and tell you all about the wonderful PFC team here in Kenya. We have been so impressed with each and every one of them. This is an amazing organization.

Love, Cris and kacey Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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