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Today is a milestone for Partners for Care and for four young people in Kenya. This is the day Simon, Silvia, Gobet and Ann sit for their national exams to receive their high school degrees. In Kenya, while primary school is free, there is a costs for high school. For many, especially those who grow up in the slums, the cost is too much for parents to pay so many kids have to drop out of school.

Last year Partners for Care hired Sam who had started a program called 2nd Chance. This program helps those who had to drop out of school prepare to take the national exams. Through daily classes and individual tutoring he prepares them for the exams which if they pass gives them a high school degree. Simon, Silvia, Gobet and Ann have been in 2nd Chance this year and under the guidance of Sam are prepared to take their exams today. Pray for them to pass – a huge milestone in their lives.

This is just one of the many ways the Kenya Partners for Care staff are helping to transform their village, their Nation – one live at a time.

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