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Mission fulfilled

The Jr. Partners for Care team is preparing to leave for the airport. Their mission was to come help the Kenyan Partners for Care staff serve their communities through sports tournaments and medical camps. The statistics are impressive:

1,114 people were seen by a doctor and given needed medication

195 people were tested for HIV/AIDS

650 people signed a commitment card to wait until marriage, be faithful to one partner and to test to know their status

5,400 people heard the message of HIV/AIDS prevention, AND

73 people said yes to Jesus

But, there is more to the story and that is what the Jr. Partners for Care have learned. Here are some of their comments:

“Before I came I thought most help came from ‘outside’….now I have learned that they are helping themselves and most help is from the people who live here.”

“The real test will be what we do when we return.”

I was impressed with their insights. They have indeed come, learned and now they will return and respond.

Pray for them as they return,


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Loise Ngugi Sauer Chief Executive Officer

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