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Mission to Marsabit

This mission trip to Marsabit is different in several ways. First, is our partnership with Gospel Redeemed Church in Mururi Slum. They are sending 16 people on this mission to Marsabit. And, they have raised the funds to support their team and their mission in Marsabit.

Second, we are going at a time of severe drought in East Africa. Marsabit is one of the three areas most affected with a lack of food and water.

Third, is we will going more interior than we have gone before reaching tribes that don’t have easy access to health care.

Our team includes Mark from the PLO Lumumba Foundation, Cris and her daughter Kacey from the US, Dr. Vincent and Dr. Joe, David my son and the Temples of Worship.

We will provide medical camps at three different locations. Pastor Martin from the Gospel Redeemed Church will be bringing 50 tribal pastors together for a 3-day leadership training. On Sunday we will hold a what if? event in the park.

We have traveled from Nairobi to Isiolo (5 hours) in four vehicles. We will take a bus all night from Isiolo through the desert to Marsabit arriving in the morning. We have 8 containers of medicines, supplies, etc. And, we have our music equipment. All this will be transported on top of the public bus.

We feel blessed to be able to go to help the people of Marsabit.

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