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Nick requests prayers for his family

This morning I received a message from Nick. Nick always touches my heart and inspires me with his faith in the God he serves. In spite of hardships we can’t even imagine Nick believes. Here are Nick’s words:

I have been busy going to Kenyatta hospital everyday, my uncle was attacked by robbers and was seriously injured with lots of cuts on his head that has penetrated into his brain and he will be having surgery soon. Thanks for your prayers for my uncle and his family keeping in mind that his wife is bed-ridden and paralyzed. I know this is a trial time and it is meant to make me strong and bring happiness in our family even so many are either HIV positive, poor, orphan etc. I know that no matter what happens my God will never forsake me nor leave me alone. I want my family and community to see God, love and encouragement in me. I desperately need your prayers. The love you have for me always remind me of the little time I had with my late mum on this earth. Nick.


In prayer for Nick and his family,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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