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Nick’s week

Just in case you thought you had a difficult week I thought I would share with you Nick’s week. Many of you have met Nick in person, the rest have heard about Nick from me or from reading the updates. Nick is 27, grew up in Mathare Slum and made a decision to stay in Mathare and try to help those infected and affected by AIDS. Nick does this with his childhood friend Charles also 27. Together they have ministered to over 400 persons infected with Aids and personally been at the bedside of 75 persons who have died of AIDS 22 of these children. They were right in the middle of the epic center of the post-election violence two years ago where they carried the wounded out of Mathare and promoted peace even in the midst of intense violence. The front of the Community Transformers (their CBO) building was burned. During this violence they began to rescue children. Three of the children they rescued I “found” on the streets of Nairobi and took them to Nick and Charles to care for. They are still with them and doing great. Nick and Charles are trying desperately to move these children and God willing we are close to seeing that happen! And none too soon. This week Nick took 10 of the children to the hospital some with malaria, others with pneumonia and others amoebas. Little Junior who is ALWAYS smiling and sitting on someone’s lap was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Nick’s family comes from Siaya – an area hit hard with AIDS. Several of the children in the rescue center are his nieces, nephews and cousins – orphans from parents dying of AIDs. And this week Nick’s Aunt became another statistic in Kenya dying from AIDs. Nick has to try to figure out how to get her transported back to her village for burial. At the same time helping all the children – those sick and those well to study for their school exams. School exams are very important for the children in Kenya. And, in Nick’s spare time he is opening the cyber and overseeing the building of the children’s home. Sometimes, we become impatient because the cyber isn’t open yet or the children’s home is over budget. Then I remember Nick doesn’t have the benefit of a college degree (there wasn’t money for him to go to college), all his “staff” are volunteers some without even a high school degree and he is working in a slum in a developing nation! And he is carrying for 34 orphaned children and running a CBO (Christian Based Organization) helping widows and orphans infected and affected by AIDs. And, he still is hopeful, still believes God will provide and usually has a smile on his face.

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