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On My Heart to Share With You

I am returning from a two week trip with our staff in Kenya. I visited our programs in Nairobi, Kilifi and Marsabit. As always I was touched by things I observed. I wanted to share a few of them with you.

While visiting our newest literacy school (which doubles as a church on weekends) in a small village two hours drive off road from Marsabit, a small boy offered me his water. Water is very precious in this remote area so his offer to give me water was a sacrifice for him.

Imagine riding on top of a big truck to a small village on Saturday, sleeping on two wooden benches (after checking for snakes and scorpions), preaching using an oil drum as a pulpit, ministering on Sunday to people who had never heard the gospel, and returning to Marsabit on the top of that big truck on Monday morning. All the while being joyful for the opportunity to spread the gospel. That is what our PFC staff member, John, does every week.

It was amazing to see how the PFC staff have cared for Pastor John. The staff traveled the two hours late at night the first night Pastor John went to the hospital and they have helped him every since. As he recuperated at the PFC house, our staff fed him six times a day and took him for all his follow up visits to the hospital. I think their love and all your prayers and support helped Pastor John get better! He is now back at Kathi’s House with all his kids.

And the PFC staff always touch me as they take medicine to those in the slums, treat children for jiggers on their knees, deliver mobility carts to those crawling on the ground, deliver water backpacks, teach adult learners to read and write, and help hundreds of people learn computers.

I was touched by two little boys worshipping to the music being played on a jerry can and a tin drum. (Watch the video and you will be touched, too).

This is the work of the Partners for Care staff! I am grateful for all your support, which helps PFC serve so many.


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