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Our world through their eyes

There are three PFC staff here from Kenya and I want to share with you what they are seeing and experiencing about America.

1. America is very clean. They were impressed people even clean up after their dogs…and they were amused by the doggie bags in the park for people to use to clean up after their pets. 2. Americans are very orderly – everyone obeys the “rules” like on the highway. 3. People are friendly – we have been walking/running every morning in the park and they have noticed everybody passing us says hi. 4. They were impressed how much can happen in an one hour church service!  They said they felt so much happened because church was so organized. Their church service is 3 hours long. 5. I took them to our nearby park Webb Bridge and they couldn’t believe the soccer field. They asked me if the “grass” was carpet. It is artificial turf. They had never seen a soccer field like that. They have played for hours on the field and love it! (See attached photo)

They are here to meet and thank donors, take some educational classes and meet with our partners (ITT Tech, MedShare, Greif). We will travel to Columbus to meet with board members, Greif representatives, donors and board members and then on to Michigan to meet donors.

It is a joy to be with them and see their wonder and appreciation of this opportunity. They told me they only wanted to sleep 2 hours each night while here so they could experience and do more!  I have told them I need more than two hours a night if I am going to keep up with them….



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