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Packs, packs and more packs

Thanks to work of the Partners for Care team we have been blessed with more packs! The PFC staff did an excellent job of distributing the 1,100 water back packs we received from Greif and PackH20. Staff trained people who received the packs on how to use them and followed up weekly to ensure proper use of the packs.

PFC staff understood the water back packs were more than just an easier way to transport water…they knew the water back packs could prevent water borne illnesses helping to save the lives of many people.

So more packs are coming so PFC staff can help more people…7,700 more packs! There are 700 packs that were flown to Nairobi and will be delivered to the PFC house tomorrow and there are 7,000 packs coming by ship – they are already enroute.

PFC will be conducting the first demonstration project studying how the proper use of the water pack back can reduce water borne illnesses. We are partnering with the University of Utah to help us with the study. They are sending two people next week to join me here in Kenya to write the protocols for the study.

Whoever thought a meeting on a plane would lead to so many people being helped. Remember I was introduced to the packs by Liz Blake, Vice President of Habitat when I sat next to her on a plane. God has a great way of connecting people.

From Kenya,

Connie Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

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