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Partners for Care presents at World’s Aids Day

Yesterday on World’s Aids Day 2009 Partners for Care delivered the message what if? there was no HIV/Aids in Kenya, in Africa and in the world? They delivered the message to dignitaries, to all agencies govermental and non-govermental who work to prevent the spread of Aids and to thousands of people through their song what if? and through telling of their work. They also told the crowd through song if there was no Aids in the world we could Smile Again. They were live on TV and as we travelled about the rest of the day in our what if? shirts people were telling us they saw them on TV. But, even with all of the military bands, parades, balloons and speeches about progress made in fighting this disease Ryan and I could not forget what we see – the devasation caused by Aids. Even with progress we still see so many orphans and children infected. I quess it could be worse if progress hadn’t been made. But, to that Mom dying from Aids or that baby born infected it is hard to say “we have made progress”. In speeches they said over 300,000 people in Kenya are now on ARVs (the drugs people with Aids take to live). That included 3,000 children. Children born infected. They are the most infected and affected by Aids. Today we begin the meetings with people we met yesterday to see where we can partner together to enhance the fight against Aids. Maybe next year World’s Aids Day 2010 they can announce no baby was born infected in Kenya. Proud of the what if? team, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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