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Pastor Hirbo is safe

I did not know how much Pastor Hirbo and his staff would need prayers when I sent the update last night. First, let me assure you Pastor Hirbo and his staff are safe. I spoke with Pastor Hirbo today.

For those who haven’t heard, the Ethiopian military mistakenly killed 9 citizens and injured 12 others. In response 10,000 Ethiopians crossed over to Moyale where Pastor Hirbo went to distribute the mobility carts. The carts had made it up there on Saturday but due to the humanitarian crisis they could not be distributed today as planned.

Pastor Hirbo is waiting until tomorrow to decide if they will be able to distribute the carts or return to Marsabit. If there is anyway Pastor Hirbo can distribute those carts to the 60 children, men and women who need them he will!

So once again a request for Pastor Hirbo and his staff.



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