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Pastor Hirbo serving the people of Marsabit

The ministry work of Pastor Hirbo in the harsh region of Marsabit is humbling and personally brings me to tears when I see his photos. Whatever you give Pastor Hirbo he turns into a ministry reaching many. Give him pencils and notebooks and he starts a 2nd Chance School. Give him buckets and vaseline and he treats jiggers. Give him shoes and he finds the most desperate man to give them to. Give him computers and he teaches the youth of Marsabit computer skills. Give him a bible and he goes to the schools to reach the young and has a revival under a tent. He never asks anything for himself…..only for those things that will help him serve the hurting, the homeless and those most in need.

Many of you give to PFC so Pastor Hirbo can serve the people of Marsabit. Some of you have given pencils, shoes, buckets, bibles, etc. I wanted you to see how a man 10,000 miles uses what you give.

Praying for Pastor Hirbo and the people he serves,


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