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People not projects

Partners for Care is a small organization trying to follow God’s command to “help”. Figuring out the way to help isn’t always easy. There is help from the Master himself and we study those looking for answers and direction.

We have tried “projects” and don’t believe that they have a transforming effect. They may help some people but we haven’t seen that for us that is where God wants us to help. We believe the best way we can help is to help the people to help themselves and their community. To do that, PFC has identified leaders here in Kenya that we are helping to develop and we are working to equip them to do what God calls them to do in their Jerusalem, Samaria. Judea, and the ends of the earth. For them their Jerusalem is Maururi slum, their Samaria is Mai Mahui, their Judea is Mombasa and Kissimu and their ends of the earth is Marsabit in the arid lands of Northeastern Kenya. We stand “behind” them helping them as we can. And, we try to stay out of their way as they work to change their villages, their Nation through the transforming believe in God.

I want to share with you a little about how this is happening and who we are equipping. First, there is the Temples of Worship. They are a powerful worship team who use their gift of music to draw people to hear the message of the gospel and HIV/AIDS prevention. We have equipped them with music equipment – keyboard, drums, guitars, amps, speakers, etc. To date they have reached almost 200,000 people with the message of living pure for Christ and they have brought over 2,100 to Christ. This is just the beginning for this worship team.

The Temples of Worship

We have been helping Sam Wachira as he completes his degree at the University of Nairobi while still being the Communications Director for PFC and the Manager of the what if? Life Changing Center. Sam has the cameras and computers to do his job. He is a major influencer now with the youth of Maruri slum. They look up to Sam and Sam freely shares about God with all the youth in the what if? soccer and volleyball teams. He has become a great leader not only in Partners for Care but on campus. University students volunteer with PFC going to the slums, helping at the what if? Life Changing Center and working with the sports teams. They always tell Sam they feel their lives are changed after seeing and being a part of the work of PFC.


And, there is Samuel Wanjau (Sammy) who has been with PFC since January 2008 when we went to the Internally Displaced People’s camps on a Peace Bus. He is the leader of Partners for Care in Kenya and directs the Temples of Worship. Sammy reminds me of what I once heard “in the absence of a leader, a leader will emerge”. It was not intended for Sammy to be the leader – it wasn’t even his intention. But, over time it became apparent he was the best choice to lead PFC in Kenya. He has become a leader who is greatly respected by those he leads. He works to develop himself as a leader…reading the John Maxwell Leadership Bible, other leadership books, watching inspiring movies of great leaders like Martin Luther King. He is humble and wants to learn how to lead others as they change their Nation with the message of Christ.


We were blessed in January when Dr. Vincent asked to join our team. He took less than half the pay he was receiving in his job to work for PFC because he wants to serve the poor. He moved his wife and new baby to a small apartment near the PFC house and started work. He is a servant of God wanting to use his medical training to make a difference for the poor. He tells me all the time, “I treat, God heals”. We are opening a what if? Wellness Center where he will both treat the sick and teach community health. He is working through Kenya’s Community Health Workers which greatly enhances his reach. He is doctor to the Partners for Care staff and their families, the what if? sports teams, Joy Vison children’s Home and the children at Nick and Charles’ children’s home. That gives him a case load of over 200 patients before he even opens the clinic.

Dr. Vincent

These are just some of the staff of Partners for Care. I realize it is sometimes easier to raise interest and support for a “project” – something tangible that we can see. But, my experience is that if we help the people they will help others….and they will build the projects. Trying to help….

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