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PFC and Mt. Kenya University partnership

Today Sammy and I were called to a meeting at Mt. Kenya University to meet with the steering committee for the PFC and MKU partnership. They have established a 17 person steering committee. It is hard to describe how wonderful this partnership is.

It is truly amazing. Imagine having the opportunity to work with a passionate, highly educated, very bright and innovative group of people who can mobilize university students to help with our programs!  They can also research our programs and publish about them. Below is an update of the programs they will be working with us and plans/progress for each program.

1. mHealth

They are willing to host the server at MKU. Their IT person will come on Friday to see our mHealth program in Marurui to understand how it works. They will also send someone from their business school. She will look at how mHealth can be used as an income generating program.  They want to implement mHealth in their clinic on campus and at the hospital where their clinicians practice.

2. Assess the impact of the medical equipment and supplies from MedShare on Marsabit Hospital.

3. Send a team with us to Marsabit to help Pastor Hirbo eliminate jiggers in all of Marsabit.

4. Help us host the 2 medical students from Harvard.

5. Water packs

They will help us develop a business plan for selling the water packs.  Their research lab is also looking at re-design options for the water pack.

6. Partner with us to seek funding from Dow to establish a research center to figure a way to enhance crop production at our farms. They also will allow Dow to use their 5 acrea farm in Kitale for the research.

It is all very exciting and amazing to me!!

I wanted you all to know….Connie

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