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PFC leaves for mission

We almost called off this mission due to a lack of funds and sickness. George was sick, funds were gone and the team felt we just couldn’t go. But, yesterday George got better after we changed his malaria medicine. The first medicine he took the malaria was resistant. The team wanted to keep their commitment they had made to do a what if? event at the celebration of Obama being President for one year. And we are designating Mama Sara (Obama’s grandmother) as the Voice of the 473 children who die everyday in Kenya. It isn’t easy to go on mission with a music team. Where ever we go we need to take the speakers, instruments, etc. We take bibles for new believers, commitment cards and eight of us are traveling. Eric is with us and hopes to get some good photos of Mama Sara. The team was up at 4:30 am and we left the Partners for Care house before 6:00 am. after prayer. Our prayer today included prayers for the Beat the Drum children.

On mission in Kenya,

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