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PFC reaches 225,000 for Peace One Day

I really hope you have a few minutes to see how the PFC team in Kenya reached 225,000 people with the message of peace!  Click here to see the photos and read the stories: From north on the border of Ethiopia to south on the coast and in the Rift Valley the Partners for Care team skillfully carried out their Peace One Day events. Central to the efforts to spread the message of peace were the PackH20 back packs. Packs were sent on buses all over Kenya to be distributed. In Watamu the water packs were filled with safe water and provided safe water for the thousands of people attending the peace events. The pack was introduced to thousands of people during the roadshow as Dr. Richard demonstrated how the water pack improves health by providing safe water and reducing water born diseases. Our staff Sammy and David traveled to Goma, Congo DR for the main Peace One Day event.  Greif is distributing water packs in the DR Congo through NGOs and Sammy and David went to train on proper use of the packs. . You can see more photos on our Face book page: I congratulate all the Partners for Care staff and the Kenya PFC board for reaching so many people with the message of peace and I thank Greif for its support of Peace One Day in Kenya and Goma.

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