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Photos from the Embu research project – August 2014

So happy to have a water pack!

The children love being able to easily get safe water to drink.

Her smile tells the story.

Another very happy water pack user.

The people are cleaning their packs weekly as the PFC and community health workers have taught them.

Lucy Njue told the PFC team that her water back pack is such a relief. She used to try clean her jerry can using leaves, stones and soil to make sure it was clean to hold safe water but it was not possible. She is very grateful for the water pack as it keeps the water safe and it is so sweet.

Rachel Mwimbi told the PFC team that she had been suffering from stomach aches because she was drinking contaminated water but the water pack brought her knowledge about safe water.

Beatrice told the team that the water pack has really helped her with transport, storage and most of all knowledge about safe water. Before the water pack she used to be treated for typhoid every two months which cost her 1500 shillings (approx. $15.00). But since she received the water pack and the knowledge about safe water her story has changed. She has not been sick since she started drinking water from her water pack. She now uses the 1500 shillings she used to pay to be treated for typhoid for her farming which has increased her food production.

Scolastica Muturi told the PFC staff the water back pack has increased her drinking water capacity . She used to only have a 5L container to store her boiled water. With the water back pack she now can store enough water for 6 days. She says this saves her a lot time to do other chores.

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