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Pray for Justus

Late last night our time I spoke with Justus one of the Partners for Care staff in Kenya. It was early in the morning Kenya time and he was on his way to school. That might surprise some of you as Justus is 25 years old. But, it is true Justus has gone back to school – not college – high school. Because of extreme poverty growing up in the Mombasa coastal region Justus never had what we take for granted here in America – a chance to go to high school. Due to a lack of funds, he had to quit school at the end of primary school. So in full school uniform Justus has started his first year of high school. He told me this morning he LOVES being back in school. He loves his teachers and his favorite subject is chemistry! Justus supports his mother and his three siblings with the small salary we give him. If Justus works hard in school he will graduate before his sister does.

Now for the prayer part – Justus injured himself today playing football (soccer) at school. He is in pain and I tried to give guidance when he and Sammy called for help. Of course, I told them to use the ice packs we have in the house, elevate his leg, don’t walk on it and give him Advil through the night for the pain. They will take him to the hospital in the morning for x-rays. I pray his leg isn’t broken and that this will not interupt his schooling.

Praying for Justus,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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