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Prayer request

I am sending prayer requests tonight for Nick and for the children we have moved from the slum. Our hearts are heavy as Nick struggles with so many issues – transportation back to Mathare for school, no lights, mosquitoes biting the children and needing to haul water to the site. Dr. Jim and Lyn and other team members went there today and came back overwhelmed with some of the needs of the children. Dr. Jim has starting examining them and he is taking several of them to the hospital for further testing. I know some of this always happens even when we move in the US – lights, phone and electricity not hooked up as quickly as we wanted them to be. But, in a developing nation and when you are caring for 34 orphans it is a 100 times more difficult. I know all over the world there are hurting children who are living in the dark and dying from malaria. But, we know these 34 children. We have held them and loved them. For me I feel ashamed that I am here in comfort while they are in the situation they are in. And, I wonder why I didn’t plan better – at least flashlights and mosquito nets should have been on our shopping list. As little children they should be able to count on us to take care of them. I am anxious for the night to pass so we can hang nets, buy flashlights and help with the transportation issue. Thanks for your prayers, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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