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Prayer request

Tomorrow (Thursday) we will be gathering at Mt. Pisgah Church at 6:30 pm to pray for this upcoming trip to Kenya. The team members include Connie, Lorri and Kimberly. Lorri and Kimberly have both been before and are excited to return. We are helping with GOA’s children’s conference and hope to travel to Marsabit on the Peace Bus to help Pastor Hirbo with medical camps, sports and HIV/AIDS. Most of you know he is in Marsabit reaching nine unreached tribes. There is a severe drought and lack of food in this area. Pastor Hirbo and Mare, Partners for Care social worker, have identified 150 orphans in this area. Many are orphaned from Aids others from malaria. We will also take hundreds of nets to help with the malaria problem if we can go. While I know most of you can’t physically come to the prayer gathering please take a few minutes about 6:45 pm tomorrow and pray for GOA leaders and the children who will come to the children’s conference, pray for Pastor Hirbo and Mare that they do not grow weary doing good, pray for the orphans in Marsabit that someone will hear their crys and come to help them and pray for God to touch the hearts of those who can help with funding the trip to Marsabit. Blessed to be going again to serve in kenya, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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