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Prayer request for Partners for Care

I received this message from Linda after she saw some recent photos of children in Marsabit infected with jiggers. Pastor Hirbo has treated 955 children with jiggers since January. In fact, all the children in Parkishon are jigger free. But, there are more villages and sadly more children. I have attached photos of two of the children.  To be honest, the photos are difficult to look at.  Here is Linda’s message.

Greetings Friends,

I wanted to write and ask you to please pray for Partners for Care.

Without realizing it, I had been feeling so thankful about the wonderful things God’s doing through the ministry; the MANY lives, villages and slums that are being transformed because of the Lord’s work through them, that I had forgotten how many more souls are suffering and need to be reached.

I was focused on the fruit (which is good – YEAH GOD!), but forgetting about the great harvest that still awaits . . .

My wake-up call came when I received new photos from the team on the ground in Kenya. Thank God He keeps doing that and putting me in my place.

Friends, our work is not done . . .

There were many photos that made me smile! Lives transformed by God’s provision and intervention through His people, whole parts of the ministry that are exploding with growth . . . but then I came to photos I never thought I’d see.

I hadn’t been nauseated like that since I was in nursing school.

Besides photos of life, health, salvation, second chances, and smiles . . . there were photos of children in newly discovered villages and tribes who were literally missing fingers and toes. Jiggers (sand fleas) and infection had taken them due to the lack of something as simple as shoes, soap and water. Without too much detail, the flesh was not only sloughing off, but gone. Some children were with toes only half there, eaten away to the bone – which was visable.

Why is this ok? I am not materially wealthy by most American standards, but my closet is full of shoes. I have water (warm or cold) at my disposal and many colored, scented, and some merely decorative soaps to choose from. I have more than enough . . . So why do little children have to lose body parts and sometimes their lives, because they lack these simple things? That, makes me nauseated. It is not ok.

Each child in the photos had a beautiful face, a name known by our God, a life that is precious, and a hope and future in His plan. Each child deserves the simple things in life . . . starting with life itself.

The enemy will always try to defeat our work for God here on earth, but we have a Savior who has already dealt with that through His own unimaginable suffering. He did that so we could have victory. So little children like these, could have abundant life.

Will you please pray for the people of Kenya who are hurting? Pray for this ministry we are all a part of –  that God would do His work through us, through them, so that MORE (and more and more) lives would receive the saving hope and life Jesus died for.

“Where two or more are ‘gathered'” 🙂

With thanks and Blessings,

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