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Prayer requests

All of you know Nick and Charles from the many updates I send about their work in Mathare Slum. Today Njokie (Partners for Care Manager) went to check on them and the children in the Rescue Center. She found both Nick and Charles sick. Both have malaria and Charles also has thyroid. Njokie has been sent money for medication and food for them and the children. She will return tomorrow to help and I have asked Paul (Partners for Care nurse) to see them. I texted both of nick and Charles asking how we could help and what they needed and Charles texted me back – he replied prayers. They are both young men of great faith. They are also “father” to many children and “comforter” to hundreds of sick people in Mathare. Please join in prayer for their rapid recovery. And as I pray I thank God for Njokie who cares for the sick as Jesus commanded us.. Praying for Nick and Charles, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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