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Prayers for Elizabeth

Many of you have held little Elizabeth. You have felt the frailness of her small body. Others of you have read about her in my updates. Several of you are assisting Nick and Charles to help move her from the slum. Elizabeth at 2 years old has AIDS. She is subject to opportunistic diseases – malaria, TB, typhoid, even a cold that could kill her. We know living in the slum isn’t good for her and Nick and Charles with the help of the Carrollton team and a recent donor are taking steps to move her and the 33 other children she lives with in three crowded rooms in Mathare Slum. But, today Elizabeth needs your prayers. She is sick and Nick is taking her to the hospital to find out why. Pray God protects her – He loves the little children especially the orphans like Elizabeth. I have asked Nick to keep me informed of her condition and will let you know through the updates how she is. Praying for little Elizabeth, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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