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Prayers for Pastor Hirbo and the children of Parkishon

Life in the northeast town of Marsabit, Kenya is difficult. Marsabit is located in the desert and even when it rains…life in Marsabit is challenging. But, now it hasn’t rained in a long time and Marsabit is suffering from a severe drought that has continued for months.

This is the place Pastor Hirbo and his wife feel called to serve.  Through literacy programs, computer schools, mobility carts, jigger treatment, water backpacks and rescuing children,  Pastor Hirbo and his wife are saving lives.

Everyday is difficult but the last few days have been heartbreaking. There is a malaria outbreak and over 20 have died thus far, including 2 children. And, at Parkishon (a small village of 350 families), there is a serious lack of food and water. Pastor Hirbo has taken 11 of the children to the hospital as the children have gotten very sick from a lack of food and water. As Pastor Hirbo told me “I have been running up and down trying to save these children.”

We have sent funds for Pastor Hirbo to purchase a truck of clean water and some grains.  This will last a little while.  Please pray for Pastor Hirbo and his wife as they serve in Marsabit where children don’t even have the basics –  safe water and a little food.

Praying for Pastor Hirbo and the children of Parkishon,


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