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Reach-A-Million Campaign

Our Campaign to Stop the Spread of HIV/AIDS in Kenya

Today is a monumental day for Partners for Care. I am blessed to be here to witness our outreach team reach the millionth person with the message of HIV/AIDS prevention. I was there from the beginning as this team of young musicians made the decision to use their music to help stop the spread of a disease that is killing their people.

It is an even more special occasion because the millionth person will be at my very dear friend Beth Casey’s ministry, Providence Bible Training. Today is the graduation of the pastors they have trained. These are indigenous pastors from all over Kenya who have attended the training at Providence.

Our outreach team has traveled all over this nation doing their part to stop HIV/AIDS. I am very proud of their commitment over the last 10 years to meet their goal of Reaching A Million people with the message of HIV/AIDS prevention!


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