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When I first started working in Kenya I worked with someone who was our liaison with Dr. Patrick Lumumba. Together we did many things all over Kenya – medical camps, jigger treatment, out reaches, visit to Dadaab refugee camp, etc.  He was wonderful to work with.  He loves helping the poorest of the poor and would go anywhere with us to help serve. He is a father of four children.

He asked me for a B/P machine so he could take blood pressures in his village.  I never fulfilled that request. Time went on and we lost touch. Today I met with him. I was sad to learn that he had a stroke 2 years ago brought on by high blood pressure. I regret that I didn’t get him a B/P machine – maybe he would have taken his B/P and known it was dangerously high. He has slowly recovered from his stroke although he still struggles with walking. I was reminded how a simple piece of equipment that cost $25.00 can help prevent strokes and other complications related to high blood pressure.  PFC staff Dr. Dennis and his medical team are committed to do more B/P screenings hopefully preventing people from having strokes like our dear friend did.

I think God is showing me not to delay when you can help someone. I wish I hadn’t delayed in helping my friend.

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