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reMEMber team comes to Kenya

If you had asked me two years ago when I started coming to Kenya that one day my two sisters would join me I would have not believed it. I believe God can perform miracles but bring my sisters to Kenya – no that wouldn’t happen. My younger sister Wink as most of you know lost her only daughter Maggie four years ago and she continues to grieve although she has been remarkable in moving forward in living without Maggie. And, let’s just say Wink likes comfort – cold water with ice cubes, air conditioning, nice cars and good roads. All things in short supply in Kenya! And my older sister Katie also lost her daughter Kristi 2 1/2 years ago at age 25. My sister is raising the three young children all under 4 years old left orphaned by Krisiti’s death. So neither of my sisters were really candidates to travel 10,000 miles (24 hour travel!) to go to a slum and to travel on a missionary flight to the desert to see the school built in memory of Wink’s daughter – Maggie’s School. And, in memory of Kristi, Katie and her other daughter Kim created Kristi Kicks for Kenya and has collected hundreds of shoes for children at Maggie’s School. As the three us sat last on the porch of the Partners for Care house and had one of our traditional “3 sisters photo” I reflected for a moment on just what God can do. Wink said that while our family has faced tragedies we were united in our efforts to serve and create a legacy for both Kristi and Maggie.

I and my two sisters at Beat the Drum children’s home

The reMEMber team

Traveling with my sisters are Dr. Eric (a dentist) and his wife Whitney, my sister Wink’s lifetime friend Carey, another friend of Wink’s Jody and Jody’s mom and Jody’s son – three generations, Mary Katherine and Juliana – both young women and Martha a new friend who always wanted to come to Africa. We are packed and preparing to leave at 5:30am on the missionary flight to Lodwar – then three hour drive through the desert to Akatuman to see Maggie’s School. Praise God for the miracles He can perform even when we don’t believe.

From Kenya, Connie

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