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The Partners for Care team are all eager to learn and grow in many ways. Many have started reading books and enjoy reading books about great leaders, Christian leadership and other good books. If you have some books you could send them I will be happy to carry them when I go next time. Also any good CDs, videos and even old tapes (one of them still uses a cassette tape player) They share them with each other when they finish reading them. Also there can never be enough bibles taken. I If you have extra bibles not being used I will take them to Kenya. wish we could give every pastor in Kenya the John Maxwell Leadership Bible. If you want to purchase one for a pastor for Christmas let me know. It is an awesome bible and every leader should have one. We ask John Maxwell’s company if the made one in swahilli and they do not. I wish they did. Christian DVDs are also needed. I watch them show DVDs at night and translate them. David Gruber sent End of the Spear and they loved it. They love anything from Louie Giglio. Especially the Passion DVDs. I need more of those – they love the Nashville one. If anyone has a video camera they would like to sell please let me know. The team wants to be able to video tape performances so they can evaluate themselves for improvement. Partners for Care works to enable, equip, and encourage Kenyans to help each other. Good Christian material helps. Thanks for any help you can give, Connie

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