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Returning from Kenya

Today I am returning from Kenya…to my family and friends. I have missed my family and friends and feel blessed to have people I love to return to. This trip to work in the ministry of Partners for Care was very encouraging in many ways. Here are some of the ways: 1. The team from Michigan lead by Linda and joined by TJ from Atlanta was what every ministry hopes for. They came, dared to go to the unreached, served so humbly and most have expressed a desire to help the ministry. I am excited to work with them as they see where and how God wants them to help. 2. The work of the PFC team in Kenya has been recognized by people and organizations in Kenya that are leading the Nation in changes that will spread the gospel and help the hurting. We have been asked to work with the PLO Lumumba Foundation and this trip we did a medical camp with them. Dr. PLO Lumumba is one of the most respected Christian leaders in Kenya. He has just assumed the position as Director of the Anti-Corruption Commission in Kenya. Many are hopeful he will stop corruption which will help the poor and the sick. We are privileged to work with him. We are planning the next medical camp and will do one in each region of Kenya with them. They have asked us to organize the medical part of the mission, the HIV awareness and testing and spreading of the gospel. Everything we love doing!

The PFC team with some people from the Lumumba foundation

The PFC team at Dr. Lumumba’s home in Kisumu

3. Kenya has enacted a new constitution. With a grand celebration attended by many East African presidents and a quarter million Kenyans the Nation became as they call it a Second Republic. Not since the country obtained its freedom in 1963 has there been such a celebration or such a time of hope. The constitution changes many things including that all children should be educated. It creates 8 regions and the plan is to develop each region starting with their assets so children can go school, people will have healthcare and there will be employment opportunities. It is a good time in the history of Kenya. Having seen the results of the post-election violence when I traveled the Nation on a peace bus, it was good to see the determination for kenya to become a great Nation for all its people. Thank you for reading the updates, your encouraging emails and mostly for your prayers,

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