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Returning to Kenya

After a week delay to complete work I had to do for my paid job I am returning to Kenya. This trip will be very busy with many plans over the next three weeks. I will travel with a team of Kenyans including a TV reporter to the Turkanas. With the world economic situation the Turkanas are among the first to feel the effects of a decrease of support. There are reports of Turkana people starving for lack of adequate food. The plan is to prepare a documetary for use in Kenya and the US to bring awaremess to the need. While in Turkana We will visit Maggie’s School in the desert of Akatuman. I am eager to see first hand the miracle my sister Wink has helped create. I am also most eager to meet the children! We are also preparing for the team from Carrolton travelling in April. They are helping create a cyber cafe in the slums of Nairobi for Community Transformers run by Nick and Charles. This cyber will help with income to feed the children in the rescue center including Little two year Elizabeth and Baby Diamond – both who have AIDS. And I hope to have the opportunity of attending a what if? event with the Temples of Worship and Pastor Omondi. There are also several requests for TV and radio interviews about the work of Partners for Care. The Kenyan Partners for Care staff have accomplished a great deal for the Lord and to promote a HIV free generation. My role is to encourage, empower, engage and equip them to continue what they are doing. They are anxious to show me their progress in meeting one of Partners for Care goals – community health including HIV awareness from the churches. Blessed to support the work of the Kenyan Partners for Care staff Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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