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Saving a life….

Partners for Care uses the tag line….saving lives for the kingdom. To Anastasia, a woman living in Maruri Slums it is more than a tag line. Partners for Care (PFC) staff are working to save her life. The staff met Anastasia through her daughter who is a team player on the PFC volleyball team. Justus knew Anastasia’s daughter was sad and when he asked her why she shared with Justus that her mother was blind and had to stop working in the coffee plantation. Anastasia lives in the slum with her husband in one room – with all their children. Her husband continues his work in the coffee plantation while caring for Anastasia and the children.

Anastasia’s husband feeding their children

Several years ago Anastasia started suffering from severe headaches. Eventually, it was determined she has a tumor that is causing the blindness. Anastasia touched the heart of the PFC staff. As Dr. Vincent told me, “It is now 2 years 9 months since Anastasia had a privilege to enjoy the golden opportunity of sight”.

Anastasia needed 200,000 KSH ($2,500) for the surgery – costs not possible for a family working in the coffee plantations. PFC physician Dr. Vincent knew the tumor could grow causing more health problems and eventually she could die from this tumor. The PFC staff contacted a TV station who came and did a story about Anastasia and PFC’s desire to help her. Funds starting coming in for her surgery…and the TV kept running the story. Her church helped as well as a bible college.

Anastasia with Justus

Anastasia and her daughter, Agnes

Tomorrow Anastasia goes for the preliminary work-up to the Kijabe Mission Hospital. She needs blood….the PFC team will be going to the hospital early in the money to donate blood for her.

What Anastasia couldn’t do alone – God did. He used a young girl playing on a newly formed volleyball team and someone willing to listen to her story. He then used others like Sam, Sammy, etc. to dare to get involved. He used a TV crew to tell Anastasia’s story and, He used people who cared enough to decide to share what little funds they may have to save Anastasia”s life. And, He will use the doctors and nurses at the Kijabe Mission Hospital to skillfully remove the tumor that has caused Anastasia to lose her sight.

For me, I am touched by the Partners for Care staff who are working everyday to save lives for the kingdom….

Praying for Anastasia and her family, Connie

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