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Saving Stephen

All of you have heard us talk about how 473 children die everyday in Kenya. Partners for Care staff in Kenya do what they can to help prevent so many children from dying. And, sometimes, like with Stephen, the staff personally see the miracle of a child saved.

Stephen is a little boy rescued by Nick and Charles of Community Transformers.  He lives at Tree House with the other children Nick and Charles have rescued.  About two months ago Nick contacted me and told me Stephen was very sick. They had tried their best to help him but they knew that Stephen was critically ill.

Stephen, when he was ill

They moved Stephen to the PFC House.  Dr. Vincent, the medical students that were here from the US, Peter’s wife, Sammy and everyone helped with Stephen. I asked people who knew Nick and Charles for financial help and people responded sending funds to help. The PFC staff and Charles took him to the hospital and to specialists. Finally after two weeks a diagnosis – TB.

Stephen is now on treatment and responding well. He has moved back to Tree House and I saw him yesterday. I couldn’t believe it was the same child. The photos tell the story!

Stephen now

We are grateful for the financial support and the prayers to save a little boy in Kenya.

Saving the lives of children…that is the work of the PFC staff here in Kenya.

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