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Spiritual Attacks

I just sent an update about what a great team we had from Carrollton.  But, now I want to tell you that we have been under spiritual attack.  We have had 8 people sick in 10 days.  Two of those sick required us being in the emergency room in the hospital for 5 hours each time.  We have 5 Partners for Care staff who have malaria.  Some worse than others.  They got malaria in Mombasa when on mission two weeks ago – not here in Narobi.  All are on treatment and will recover but malaria can really hit a person hard – headaches, vomiting, joint pain, weakness.  Also, there have been three deaths this week.  I sent you all an update that Baby Diamond died.  Two days ago Charles was notified his 28 year old sister died.  He is traveling back to the same area he buried Baby Diamond to bury his sister on Saturday.   She leaves a little girl.  And, one of the Temples of Worship members – David – lost his grandfather on Sunday.  After the Carrollton team left we traveled 10 hours to be with David’s family and to leave David there to be with his family for a few days.  Many, many good things are happening such as the Carrollton team and we met with the Vice President on Monday to discuss working together on the what if? campaign.  We will be having follow-up meetings with him.  He wants to work with us on both HIV/AIDS and moving the remainder of the IDPs.  We are not discouraged.  I was a little mad at myself when i had my Blackberry snatched from my hand on Sunday though.  My fault were not being careful.  I wasn’t hurt or anything it just made me mad at my carelessness.  And, I always lose “my balance” when I lose my instant communication with everyone.  I sometimes think God does that so He reminds me it is Him who I should rely on and not my Blackberry!  I know many of you pray for me and the PFC team and I wanted you to know how much we value your prayers.  For us here we are just trying to ensure we have on the full armor of God as He tells us to.  Fighting the spiritual attacks, Connie

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