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Steve Saint

Last year at the medical mission conference I had the honor and blessing of meeting Steve Saint – a great man of God (see . Steve is the son of Nate Saint, one of the five matryed missionaries whose story is told in End of the Spear. Steve understands how to help without hurting and lives with his live to spread the good news of Jesus. A week ago Steve was injured and suffered a spinal injury. He has limited movement of his arms and legs. Tomorrow he is having surgery to relieve pressure on his spine hopefully to relieve some of his pain. I have forwarded to you the recent update I received…watch the video. Hear from Steve himself how he is and how he is still spreading the news of how to help in a developing nation. I only pray if my life suddenly changed as Steve’s did that I would have the courage and the faith he has. Even in his pain and fear, he is telling others of the good news of Christ.

Praying for Steve – 

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