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Teaching the Next Generation About the Water Crisis

I share the story of the water backpack to many in all kinds of settings from airplanes, to small groups and large groups. But sharing about the water backpack with my grandson this last weekend was somehow different. It was personal because I want our family to know how serious the water crisis is and how it affects the children of the world AND that the water backpack is helping children have safe water.

My grandson Alex (age 12) is reading as a school assignment “A Long Walk to Water.” For those who haven’t read this compelling book it is about a girl in Sudan and her twice daily

5-hour trek for water. She uses a jerry can to fetch the water, which is heavy, difficult to carry, and adds to the contamination of the already dirty water.

I gave Alex photos of children in Kenya carrying the water backpacks and notes the children wrote sharing how the pack helps them have safe water. He was eager to learn. I can’t wait until he can pass on the story of the water backpack to his teacher and classmates!


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