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Temples of Worship

This morning the Temples of Worship – the worship team funded by Partners for Care sang at the prestigious Martin Luther King celebration hosted by Hon. Mwangi Mukami, former Youth President of Kenyan and President of the Martin Luther King African Foundation. The event was held at the former site of the US Embassy where now sits a memorial to those who lost their lives in the 1998 bombing of the Embassy. It was attended by foreign ambassadors and many high level Kenyan goverment officials.

The Temples of Worship sang to a crowd of over 10,000

On Sunday the Temples of Worship are to play to a crowd of over 10,000 at a church in Karen. Invited for Sunday’s event is the US Ambassador.

The Temples of Worship thanks Susan Spence for sending funds for them to buy suits for Sunday’s performance so they will look very professional.

The Temples of Worship

I will be joining Hon. Mwangi Mukami and a Kenyan delegation in Washington DC on Monday for the week of meetings and other events. Mwangi will be with me in Atlanta later in the week for meetings. Mwangi has been very helpful in connecting us with people who are helping Partners for Care in Kenya. I was recently appointed by him as Policy Director for the Martin Luther King African Foundation.


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