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Temples of Worship’s tribute to Susan

When we heard of the a sudden death of our dear mum, Susan, we asked ourselves why God? The person who gave everything not for herself but for people who live many miles away from her. She gave not only her  money but her precious time. A person who loved what we do. She loved our music which she use to listen to when she was driving. The person who wanted us to come to the US to sing our music which we are using to fight HIV. Now who will do what she wanted to do?

We have so many questions we are asking ourselves. The only hope and assurance we have is that after work people go home to relax. She was called home to go and relax after everything she did on the face of the earth. Even though we are very far from her family we serve one father who knows our heart and we can reach each other through Him our God. So we want to tell the family we understand how you are feeling and the Lord who sees everywhere will give you peace.  One day we will come to the US and sing our song “Remember Me” where we will be remembering everything she did when she was alive.

The Temples of Worship Sammy, George, Franko, David and Justus

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