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Temples of Worship sing at the United Nations, Kenya

Today the Temples of Worship took the what if? campaign to an international level. Dr. PLO Lumumba was one of the sponsors of the International Young Leaders Summit held at the United Nations, Kenya. Other sponsors included the Youth Fereration for World Peace, Martin Luther King III Realizing the Dream and Universal Peace Federation. Dr. Lumumba is one of the most inspiring speakers in Kenya. He is the spokesperson for the what if? campaign. He gave a speech today at this summit to a standing ovation. He ended his speech with the question what if? He had asked the Temples of Worship to sing their new song what if? when he completed his speech. The audience loved the song and ask them to sing again after lunch. They received many, many positive comments from international organizations. The conference theme was “the role of young leaders in achieving UN millennium development goals and peace-building in Africa.” . Other speakers throughout the day spoke of the work of the Temples of Worship in combatting HIV/AIDS. We thank the prayers of my sister’s and Carey’s bible group who prayed for the Temples of Worship that their message would touch the hearts and spirits of the young leaders from around the world. God heard and answered their prayers. Praying for an HIV/AIds free generation in Kenya, Africa and the world, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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