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Thank you to Star Travel

When I first started going to Kenya, Christian, lead musician with the Milele music group told me to use Loise Sauer from Star Travel to book my flights. I have used Loise ever since. She has become more than a travel agent…she is a friend and a supporter of Partners for Care. This will be Star’s third year to support our run. This trip Loise had arranged for Partners for Care to be the ministry in Kenya to partner with the team from Protocol International who went to Kenya to train executives on protocal. The staff from Star Travel in Kenya and Protocol International from the US did a day of service with the PFC staff. They went to Maururi Slum and planted a kitchen garden for a family. They also made a donation to the ministry. Some of the PFC staff were able to attend one of the trainings conducted by Protocol International at the Serena Hotel in Nairobi. The staff loved the training! Loise also made sure I was included on the invite list to attend the evening event at our US Ambassador in Kenya. It was an honor to be in the home of our Ambassador. I want to thank Loise and her sister JoAnn who manages their Nairobi office. We consider Loise a great friend and supporter of the work of Partners for Care.

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