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Thankful for

This Thanksgiving will be different for Ryan and I than we have ever experienced. We will be in the arid land of Northeastern Kenya. We are taking Rebecca to see her father who has sent for us. He believes he will die soon and he wants to see that Rebecca will continue to be cared for. There will be no turkey, pumbkin pie or football for Ryan. But, we think it will a Thanksgiving we will never forget. Before we begin out travels I wanted to share what I am thankful for this year. 1. All my children Mike, Chris, Mindy, Bobby and David and my husband Brian and who supports my desire to serve in Kenya even though it sometimes calls for sacrafice on their part. 2. The opportunity to serve in Kenya. 3. The Partners for Care staff in Kenya who have made a difference for the least of these in slums, villages and throughout Kenya. 4. For David Gruber and Dan who without their committment, support and love Partners for Care staff would not exist. 5. For Ryan Morris who came to Kenya to serve with Partners for Care. His help has been invaluable in so many ways both to me personally, to the Kenya team and to the organization. 6. For all those who have supported Partners for Care this year – some came, some gave and many prayed. Thank you joining the fight to stop the needless deaths of God’s children. 7. My friends especially sharon, Lyn and Bonnie for their love, support and encouragement over the years. From Kenya this Thanksgiving, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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