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Thanks to InComm

Partners for Care co-founder David Gruber is employed by InComm, a technology firm headquartered in Atlanta which is the industry leading marketer, distributor and technology innovator of stored-value gift and prepaid products. On April 16, 2010, InComm hosted a Potluck Lunch with a Purpose – and Partners for Care was blessed to be named as the recipient of the fundraising proceeds from this event.The fundraising goal established by InComm was to raise sufficient funds to purchase a used passenger van for use by Beat the Drum Children’s Home near Maai Mahiu, Kenya. Partners for Care played a key role in the establishment of Beat the Drum, a special place which serves children orphaned by and infected with HIV/AIDS.

This Potluck was the idea of Sam Collins, Vice President Software Development – who saw the need to encourage people who work together every day to have some fun together, and in turn, to do something tangible and meaningful for some less fortunate. His vision was executed largely though the hard work and dedication of Tracy Abbott, a Business Analyst on Sam’s team, with a heart for service and incredible energy which was put to the test as she pulled together volunteers and donors to execute an exceptional event. The fundraising total is still being tallied, as many InComm staff continued to make donations and bid on Silent Auction items throughout the lunch.

Many thanks to InComm President and CEO, Brooks Smith, for supporting the event, and to Matt Watson, InComm Chief Technology Officer and David Cochenour, Vice President Human Resources for promoting and supporting the event in many ways.

We are also grateful for the corporate sponsors who made the event possible, Bright Byte Consulting, The Intersect Group, SolTech, Mothers of Virtue, and Unitiv.

A video prepared for the event, sending thanks from Pastor John and the children at Beat the Drum is available here.

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