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The best and worst of times

So much has happened since I have arrived in Kenya. I will try to be brief but bear with me as there is much to tell. I say it is the best of times because: 1. Ryan is here. Having him hear makes me wonder how I ever thought I could do this work without someone like Ryan helping! He does so much and he is fun, he laughs and listens and is so supportive. We all love him! 2.The team is good – the best I have ever seen them. They are focused and excited about the many opportunities God is opening. 3. We had great favor at the Ministry of Education yesterday. They love the what if? campaign and other work of Partners for Care. They have asked us to take 5 high schools and work with them in the what if? iniative and study the results. They said for nine years they have been trying to impact on high school students and what they are doing isn’t working. The PFC theam really wants to find a way to change the behavior of high school youth. The Ministry of Education is even looking at sending a group to Beat the Drum with us next week when we take the Partners of Hope team that arrives Sunday night. (See separate update for news about Maggie’s School) 4. We have planned a very big outreach in the slum near our house on Oct. 17, 18. The team has really worked well to coordinate everything. The Partners of Hope team will be here. They are coming from National Aids Control Council to see the what if? campaign. 5. We have been invited to join Pastor Rob Irvine from Cumberland Community Church when they come in November. We will do what if? In a church in Kiserian. Today we met with Pastor Herbert from the church there in Kiserian. We liked him instantly. We planned the venues for that trip. 6. Our what if? church assessments are going very well Monday night there will be 20 pastors here for dinner and to complete the what if? assessments. 7. Ryan tilled by hand the back yard for gardening. I had bought the book Square foot gardening and each person is taking their squares and planting! It will be beautiful. Worst of times It isn’t really that bad but it does add stress. The funds we wired from the US last Tuesday haven’t arrived! And today I tried to take funds from the ATM. The ATM deducted the money from my account but didn’t give it to me. The bank official said oh that happens. It will be put back in tomorrow! So we wait for the wire transfer to arrive! We are running out of food, fuel, airtime, and almost patience with the wiring system! Truly enjoying working with Ryan and the PFC staff, Connie

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