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Traveling with Pastor Hirbo is truly a blessing! He has traveled 10,000 miles to thank our donors for the many lives they have helped change in Kenya. Pastor Hirbo has a servant heart and helps the poorest of the poor in one of the most remote places in the world – the ends of the earth. He goes where others don’t and stays where others won’t.

On this visit to the US, we have traveled to Michigan, Missouri, and Carrolton, Georgia. Pastor Hirbo has been in weather so cold with blowing snow that it has shocked his system and taken his breath away. He has been wearing two coats, hats and scarfs. But the cold weather hasn’t stopped him from blessing everyone he has met – and enjoying a snowball fight with me in Michigan!

Pastor Hirbo recently prayed for the congregation at First Christian Church in Carrolton, Georgia. He prayed in English and in his mother tongue.

I wanted to share his short but powerful prayer with you:

Pastor Hirbo Assembling Mobility Carts at Mobility Worldwide. (Can You Tell He Wasn’t Used to Missouri’s Cold Weather?)


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