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The children of Parkishon

When some of the team members of this team who is with us from Michigan came last time they did a medical camp at Parkishon. They felt the children there were among the sickest children they had ever seen. The children had fungus, upper respiratory infections, jiggers on their hands and feet and were malnourished.

The children in August

In August we started funding Pastor Hirbo to go to Parkishon once a week to treat the jiggers. He has treated 350 of the children for jiggers. He has worked with the moms teaching them how to prevent the jigger infestation and other community diseases.

Yesterday the team who had been there before were amazed at how much better the children were. We found only a few children infected with jiggers. And, it was wonderful to see the children in their Crocs that Cris Willis had bought for them! They prevent the jiggers…and they hold up even in the Marsabit harsh conditions!

The children today

Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged…but seeing the children of Parkishon so much better was encouraging.

From Marsabit,

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