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The Last Mile

Bridgette has gone the last mile…I was privileged to go with her. Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

As I begin the last phase of my mission here, the last days I have travelled this incredibly beautiful land of Kenya from the southern coast of Mombasa to the majestic nothern mountains of Tseikuru. Long journeys in a crammed van to obscure villages… but watching the Temples of Worship team perform a “What If?” Campaign concert to educate Kenyans about an HIV/AIDS free generation makes it all worth it. I am so blessed and encouraged by these guys-they are truly passionate about making a real change here-and it is working-one small village or even one villager at a time. Yesterday, I walked deep into the Mathare slum to accompany the Community Transformers community workers on a home visit. I felt so honored and humbled to have the opportunity to sit first hand with someone who lives with this terrible disease. It was discouraging to hear her story as she was infected, her 9 year old daughter was infected and the 13 month old baby boy she held was also infected. I have learned that with ARV meds, she and her children can live and function with the disease…yet my heart aches for yet another child born with this awful disease. I was encouraged by the work done by the Community Transformers (Nick and Charles’ volunteers) as they meet with hundreds of infected clients everyday. It is often said here that Americans will travel 10,000 miles to come to Kenya, yet they will not go the last mile in the slum. My last mile yesterday was life-changing-and I know God allowed me to meet Joyce and her family so that I could never forget what I have seen and heard. As I prepare to return home, I now wonder how I will go the last mile there? The thought of yet another child born or orphaned by this disease inspires me to do all I can to make sure what I saw and heard does not continue.

Serving in Kenya,

Bridgette Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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