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The power of equipping

Partners for Care believes in equipping young indigenous Christian leaders to help them do God’s work in transforming their villages and their nation. Recently, through the inspiration of a team member of the Sisters Go to Kenya team – Virginia in memory of her beloved son Alain – the PFC team opened a cyber and a music center in the slum near the PFC house. C. Ron, a reporter in South Florida and President of the Del Ray Beach Rotary donated all the computers for the cyber. We carried all the computers to Kenya in our luggages! C. Ron works with at-risk minority youth. He understands how important it is to work with youth.

Yesterday I received the following report from the PFC Kenyan team. They are making a difference there in their village.

We held our first children ministry today in the music centre. The  agenda was about impacting the kids in this village. There were 60 children – 50 of them were from the children’s home which is close to the centre in the village. We started with some fun dancing to make them feel a sense of belonging. Charles gave them a talk on how to belong to the community and how love has made everybody acceptable. He told the children how Jesus gave up all for loving us and by this he died on the cross for everybody to believe and have eternal life. This seemed to be quite amazing to children for they knew that there is love. They knew that we loved them unconditionally. Then we showed them a movie. This kept their mind awake as they gazed on how wonderful and hopeful they should be for there is a lot still awaiting for them.   As the on the ground team we found a need of naming every Saturday children super Saturday. This is when we will restore hope to these beloved ones who have lost their hope cause of a thief disease known as HIV/AIDs. No one deserves to live such kind of life that is full of sorrow and hopelessness. As Partners for Care members we desire that one day God will make this happen and the whole country will be able to learn from this small village. not to  forget the children. The children told us “this is where we belong and thank you guys for thinking about us”. They continued to say “we had fun that has made our minds grow” yours faithfully George…      a point to remember,,,, we are called to save lives for the kingdom… thanks again.. 

Blessed to help equip George and the other PFC staff in Kenya,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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