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The stories from the staff touch me

I have returned to Kenya after a longer time than usual for me to not be here due to my sister’s illness and passing.

Already this morning staff have come to share with me their gratitude for the support of PFC. We paid for the woman who cooks for us to go to cooking school. She told me it was her dream come true to get to go to school. She is anxious to prepare the foods she has learned to cook to show me how much she has learned.

The second staff to come share how happy he is was Jefwa. I have written about this young man before. He told me how he loves helping people get a water pack because it helps them so much. He told me how well his brother is doing in school making all As.  Jefwa supports his brother and both his parents who are disabled and unable to work. Jefwa sends 75% of his salary to his family so his brother can continue going to school. And he does it joyfully.  Jefwa proudly showed me his driver’s license that he recently obtained.  In Jefwa’s words “all is good”.

As always the dedication of the staff to help those in need and to share what they have with others touches me.

I am glad to be here with them.


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