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They came to serve

They came to serve with the Kenyan PFC staff. Side by side the two teams served together in Marsabit, Marurui and Mathare slum. The Michigan team members were Dr. and Pat Wendt and their children Jenny and Caleb, Dr. and Kim Wills, Dawn, Gary and Teresa, Sue and her son Cal, Amanda, Jen Garborg, Julie and Linda, a PFC board member.

Together with the PFC staff the following was accomplished:

  1. Dental care for all the PFC staff and 3 of their family members

  2. Dental care for 58 people in Marsabit

  3. Nets distributed, community health taught and hypertension and diabetic screening for 111 persons at our medical clinic

  4. Dr. Craig and Julie, RN, saw patients at the clinic in consultation with Dr. Vincent

  5. Marriage mentoring for 43 people in Marsabit and Nairobi

  6. Sponsored a soccer tournament in Marurui

  7. Served 950 people in Marsabit in 3 medical camps

  8. Checked all the computers in the IT school and repaired three of them

  9. Developed a food security plan for Kathi’s House

  10. Visited 3 clients at Community Transformers and took each one food

  11. Taught school and held a end-of-the term celebration for 2 days at Tree House Children’s Home

The Michigan team also equipped the ministries of PFC with the following:

  1. i-Dent dental chair to be used to provide dental care to those in the tribal areas

  2. i-See eyeglass program

  3. 200 bed nets

  4. An oral devise for Bible stories in the Rendile language

  5. A guitar and a banjo

  6. Watches and thermometers for the mHealth program

  7. A kitchen knife

  8. School supplies for 2nd Chance School

  9. 50 leadership books for the PFC staff

  10. 100 pair of shoes

  11. Soccer equipment – 46 soccer shoes, 19 cones, 72 bibs, 43 balls, 14 sports socks, 92 jerseys, 18 shorts and 1 volleyball

  12. Many people were served and many more will be served with the equipping of the PFC team.

We are grateful for the Michigan team – the friends who returned and the new friends we have met!

The Michigan team with the Partners for Care Kenya team

A very special thank you to Melinda who prepared the team spiritually to come and covered them with prayer while they were serving.

Blessed to have served together,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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