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They came to serve

We were blessed this week to have a team come to serve with us. They are sent from a South African organization – Global Challenge Expeditions . As young people they travel the world trusting God will show them where they are to serve. They select ministries in different countries and stay with them serving in any capacity they are asked. Once they were asked just to pray for a ministry that was struggling and they prayed for three weeks.

There were five on the team – Madeleen, Maggie, Werner, Cornelius and Gerrie. Cornelius is actually from Zambia before he moved to South Africa. On the first night they sat with us and simply said “we came to serve – tell us how we can serve you and others in your ministry”.

They have served all week. They planted a very large garden with the children at CT children’s home moving them closer to becoming food secure; they enlarged our garden at the PFC house; they made learning material for the children’s home in our area and visited the children there; they sorted, counted and organized all of our medical supplies for our next medical camp; they helped with marketing ideas for our what if? center and cyber; and did a prayer walk through our village. The last thing they did was buy and take sandals to all the children at the CT children’s home.

Cornelius working on the PFC garden

The team working on the PFC garden

The South African team

The team was humble and served with passion. They rose early to begin work and worked until late at night. As Jesus instructed – they did everything with all their hearts. They exemplified the meaning of “team”. It was truly a joy to be with them. We will not forget their love for Jesus, their prayers, their laughter, their South African accent (especially as Madeleen read the Word to us always having just the right passages that we needed to hear), their kindness to all they met, and their loving encouragement of our young ministry.

Thank you God for sending us these young people who served so well,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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